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I don't feel like I have enough fic to justify a masterpost, but I don't like having everything just floating around in tags, so here we are I guess! The newer stuff is towards the top of each fandom. I've got this stuff and more on AO3 and ff.net - links to your left. Assume that everything is gen and that the max rating is PG-13 unless stated otherwise!

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Going Super Natural

So, clearly I haven't been on livejournal - today I feel like I need to wrap it up properly, because supernatural and livejournal were important to me. and you have been important!
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BB Art 2014: Heaven On Their Minds

Author: shadowsong26
Genre: SPN Gen, near-canon AU from 'Abandon All Hope...'
Rating: R
Word count: ~27,000
Warnings: References to past suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, violence as in the show, offscreen torture resulting in some brief body horror, canon major character death.
Summary: While Castiel tracks Crowley down, looking for the Colt, Bobby finds a reference to a Weapon that can banish anything. Seeing a shot at a Plan B, Sam and Dean go to meet with a professor who might be able to help them track it down. From there, they are put on the trail of Judas Iscariot, who is not exactly what history claimed he was.
Notes: Very well done to shadowsong26 for her great fic, and thanks to the organisers of this challenge for putting it all together once again!! :D
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Title: Tin Lung Echoes
Author: starlingnight
Recipient: snickfic
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~3000
Warnings: Language
Summary: Dean and soulless!Sam attempt to deal with each other. It’s hard. Sam’s missing something important, and Dean just misses Sam.
(This was posted last year. In August. >_>)
Here is the art I've done for this year's spn_j2_bigbang, for deceptivemirror's wonderful story. I had a hell of a lot of fun with this, and I really couldn't have asked for a better person to work with! It's been wonderful meeting her and I'm very grateful to her that this challenge was such a fun and great experience!
Media: dip pen and ink, ink washes, watercolour

Title: A Trap Of Their Own Creation
Author: deceptivemirror
Artist: starling_night
Genre: Gen
Rating: R
Wordcount: 57,950
Warnings: Possible trigger warnings, foul language, spoilers up to s8
Summary: While traveling the country in search of monsters to hunt, Dean and Sam look like just any other set of siblings. Driving through the Arizona desert in the Impala, eating food in hotel rooms (antacids optional), and getting caught in traffic are all part of the Winchester package deal. The issues of cohabitation are also nothing new, what with Sam's hair trigger and inability to sleep unarmed, Dean's categorical refusal to give Sam driving time, and the inevitable person who is convinced they are a couple.
However, waking up in an unfamiliar room on psychiatrist's couches in their pajamas is something new, especially when they have no idea how they got there.
This is the story of how a brotherly relationship can go sour without a single word spoken.

I went circular with the cover image because why not! Doing all the fancy lettering and floral embellishment was so much fun :D
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commentfic: Washed Up Like Poison

Title: Washed Up Like Poison
Length: ~2000
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 5x03. When Sam sees Ruby in the bar he works at, he is confronted with the question of just how much he misses the demon who manipulated him into setting Lucifer free.
Notes: For a prompt at ohsam's current meme!

christmas in july, sort of thing

So it'll be more like, uh, wintergen for those of us down under, and it's a really bad idea for me to commit to a fic challenge right now but come on! Giving and receiving a minimum of 1000 words of joy ie Supernatural gen! How bad can it be. NOW EVERYONE GO DO IT.

Also oh dear, I've got an idea for next year's Big Bang. Hopefully I'll still like it when it's time to get started.

commentfic: Of the shadows thrown

Title: Of the shadows thrown
Author: starling_night
Wordcount: 2000
Genre: Gen
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: PG
Summary: hoodie_time commentfic for honeylocusttree's prompt: "S8, post-Purgatory. Dean attempts to get to grips with the reality of a world he'd half-convinced himself never really existed (that is, the ordinary world)."

(When he finally got out he almost freakin' cried, just because the trees were the same.)

12th Mar, 2013

I am really not fond of being busy - if it were an option I'd just lie around all day reading fic.  I would love to be writing/fandoming a bit more...I can't wait until BB prompts are posted so I have an excuse to actually draw, too. For now, all I've got is a silly drawing of fanfic!Dean.
I, uh, didn't actually realise he had green eyes until fanfic told me. This ended up being reasonably entertaining, because it's quite funny when characters make a point of noticing each others' 'luminous' (among other things) eye colour every two minutes.
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And so I don't lose it - Sam sleeping with the books at glovered's Batcave meme!

I hope everyone's doing alright <3


fic: Look down, look down

Title: Look down, look down
Author: starling_night
Wordcount: 1,200
Genre: Outsider POV
Characters: Sam, OFC
Rating: G
Summary: A girl has a conversation with a stranger on a bus, and tries for an empathic response. He is exactly what she thinks, and yet not that at all.
Notes: Concrit welcome!

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